In November 2016, Swedish/Peruvian Lizette Lizette released their first-single “Rest”. It made an immediate and successful impact and the song was awarded a spot in both the respective “top songs of 2016” lists of the magazines Zero Magazine and Popmuzik. It was also praised by Swedish music critic Fredrik Strage who wrote: “Last week, Leigh Bowery apparently came down from the skies and gave a breast-themed jacket to the new shooting star Lizette Lizette. Respect.”
Thereafter came the second single, ”Easy Street”, which also managed to impress and was subsequently picked up by the British music-blogger Pop Justice and by Swedish radio.
Then finally came the awaited album “Queerbody”, which according to Swedish media BON Magazine, Aftonbladet music and Zero Magazine, managed to live up to expectations.
The latest single “Sober up” was released in summer 2017 and quickly became the most popular single to date. The release also exposed their to a bigger audience, as the rest of the world started to take notice of Lizette.
In September 2018 the first single ‘Void’ was released, which had its premiere on Swedish TV made such an impression that it was used in the shows music advertising. Later in November, the second single from the album ‘Computer Game’ had its premiere on Swedish radio and was praised by Tina Mehrafzoon who said: “I love this song, it is so fantastically beautiful and the history behind it makes it even more beautiful. It is superb, super beautiful and it celebrates friendship”.
In the beginning of 2019, the latest single, bearing the same name as the album, was also released. ‘Non’ had its premiere on german Kaltblut Magazine and was conceived as an anthem for all non-binary people. It did not take long until it became a reality as the video immediately was shared and praised throughout the queer community and by non-binary people all over the world. This even made Billboard discover Lizette whom listed them as one of the worlds most important queer artist and wrote an article about them.
When the album ‘NON’ finally came out on the 8th of February it was praised over and over again. Fredrik Strage compared Lizette with Madonna in Swedish TV, radio picked up one of Lizette’s singles for the 4th time in a row and Nöjesguiden gave fine reviews, one album track charted on PSL’s Top-20 list while QX Sweden and England praised the non-binary artist and soon both radio, blogs, magazines and chart lists began sharing the album.
In spite of being totally independent, Lizette has since the release of the debut album had a steadily growing fan base in Sweden, Germany and the US, among others the New York club legend Susanne Bartsch.