Salon Today – Celebrity beauty

I did an interview for a beauty magazine, and a lot of the questions were about BEAUTY, of course..

But I didn’t wanna focus on shallow looks, we have enough of that shit in this world!
I’d rather focus on how a good self-esteem and self-love is the most important ingredient if you wanna be a true beauty! That shines trough, even more than you can imagine! And that is what makes you attractive!
No anti-wrinkle, plastic surgury or beauty product can give you that! 4 real!

Read the whole thing here! (Page 77)

Filming the movie – Kärlek Deluxe

We had to go up really early yesterday, but I was already awake and restless one hour before I had to go up.
I brought Fredrik with me this time to!!!
The movie is a Swedish comedy with Moa Gammel, Görel Krona and Malin Buska and some others. We where going to be fabulous guests at a releaseparty. And it was very warm and consuming! Josef got some extra attention and even a small little line haha! And I did a thing in the very beginning of the movie where I take a huge bite of a very sweet cupcake that matched my haircolor. I came up with it very spontanious and I bitterly had to regret it when I had to take a bite of a new little cupcare 10 times.. and that little fucker was DAMN sweet, TO sweet for me who don’t even prefer sugar.
But we had a lot of fun anyway!

Fitting – Kärlek Deluxe

Yesterday me and Josef were at the fitting of the the swedish movie “Kärlek Deluxe”. We’re gonna be extras and mingle at a party. I’m gonna look like a hippie Marilyn, and Josef like a 20’s diva.