[1990] Born a stubborn and rebellious child in a conservative Swedish/Peruvian family, people must of seen it coming. Misfit.
[2003] Lizette’s alternative career started at thirteen when ze overnight transformed emself from a shy, quiet “fat-girl” to an angry queer punk. After a couple of tough years of accumulated frustration and restraint ze just had to let all hir creativity and opinions out. People were shocked, but the battle was on.
[2005] No Doubt, Hole and even Mariah Carey had for many years inspired hir to become a singer, so when ze had the chance to make a choice of senior high school, ze chose a musical education. At the same time ze got into a new wave-band called “Secret Friend” and made a lot of like minded friends amongst the goths and the lbtq-community. A perfect match for Lizette whom was totally obsessed with the 80′s at the time. Lizette blossomed as a person and as an artist, but during graduateing time ze made a huge mistake.
[2008] Ze got the stupid idea to apply for the tv-show “Swedish idol”, but they did not get Lizette at all. The tv-show presented ze as an overconfident bitch and it was impossible to hide from all the commercials and all the negative exposure. This experience almost broke Lizette and ze decided to never do music ever again. But after a summer of hard partying and escapism ze got a call that pulled hir right back into music again. Melody Club’s drummer Andy A. had just begun a new project he called “The New Heaven Dieppe” and he wanted Lizette to sing and play the keyboards. This offer was to good the turn down since ze had looked up to Andy as a musician for years. They released one ep and one album during the two years together but after studying music production at SAE Institute, Lizette decided to move on by hir self. The time with Andy had been life changing. He brought hir to life again when ze had given up and introduced hir to somebody that would have a big impact later on in life.
[2010] Ze had so many new ideas and had refocused the inspiration from the 80′s to the 90′s.
It took some time to make the new image and sound work, but when ze had polished it ze was spot on and ready.
[2012] After a great summer of hosting clubs at F12 and East in Stockholm together with hir clubkid-posse, Lizette headed to London. Inspired by early rave, eurodance and 90′s pop culture ze released hir single “Wheel of fortune” and dubut ep “Raveland” with the British PR-agancy “Quite Great PR”. The release went really well but ze missed hir clubkid-friends back home in Stockholm, so ze moved back home after 8 monthes.
[2013] But ze didn’t come home empty handed. One sleepless night in east London Lizette was watching some good old Jenny Jones when ze suddenly came up with the idea to make a music video resembling an 90′s talkshow. Subject: Clubkids. At first it seamed like an impossible project, but after having a dream of it coming true ze go to work.
[2014] The single and music video “Freak” was released in June 2014. Starring all of hir clubkid-friends and the Swedish comedian Johan Wahlström. At this time the 90′s-thing was growing to be really trendy, something that made Lizette move on to something new and fresh. Back to hir roots. But the transition was hard this time. After have been struggling a long depression Lizette got diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Hir new musical inspiration came from old school ebm and Belgian new beat, but no matter how hard ze tried ze didn’t like what her creations. Luckily Andy A. had introduced hir years earlier to somebody that would now help her make the new sound work, Nicklas Stenemo (Kite, Nicole Sabouné, Melody Club).
After years of not seeing each other they met again at a DAF-gig in Stockholm and slowly (really slow) initiated a relationship.
[2016] Having a band is hard, but being on your own is even harder. So this time around Lizette wanted to create a perfect combination of the two. By taking drummer Aili Markelius and keyboardist Lisa Pyk (Vulkano) in ze could retain hir creative freedom but also get the sweet solidarity and team spirit that having a band means. In November Lizette released the first-single “Rest”. It made an immediate and successful impact and the song was awarded a spot in both the respective “top songs of 2016” lists of Zero Magazine and Popmuzik. It was also praised by Fredrik Strage who wrote: “Last week, Leigh Bowery apparently came down from the skies and gave a breast- themed jacket to the new shooting star Lizette Lizette. Respect.”
[2017] Thereafter came the second single, ”Easy Street”, which also managed to impress and was subsequently picked up by the British music-blogger Pop Justice and by P5. Then finally came the awaited album “Queerbody”, which according to BON Magazine, Aftonbladet music and Zero Magazine, managed to live up to expectations. This was celebrated at a full-packed Taverna Brillo; the love was flowing and the mood was on top.
The latest single “Sober up” was released earlier this summer and quickly became the most popular single to date. The release also exposed hir to a bigger audience, as the rest of the world has begun to take notice of Lizette. In october, one week after the tragic death of Lizettes best friend and soulmate ze released hir latest single “Trendslav”, the first swedish track Lizette has ever recorded. The latest months have been really weird for Lizette, as ze is in grief hir music career is on an uprise.
[2018] 2 B CONTINUED….