Charlene vs. Lizette

Me and Charlene Moscow have been working on a track together since november last year, and we have finally finished it and sent it away to my friend Per Alexander Esbjörnsson (Beating Heart Studios) for mixing and mastering!
We’ve co.produced and written it together, and it’s a mix of Charlenes heavy electro/rock and my catchy rave/pop!
It has turned out to be the perfect combo, and we’re gonna release it before summer I hope!

Hotel Sign

It was fuuun to hang out with Mayka and spin some records, but the weather could of been better since we we’re on a rooftop! But we had a lot of fun anyway! Thank you Mayka and Clarion Hotel!

Queertopia 2012

I’m proud to be playing at Queertopia this summer! On the preparty and on the festival! 27/6 in Stockholm and 20/7 in Nyköping.

For so many years I’ve been passionate about LGBTQ-issues!
Since I was a tiny teen I’ve been fighting for our rights! For my own and for others!
I see my self as queer and bisexual. But actually I don’t like to be labeled.

I had a year during my teens where I was very confused about my gender.

My biggest wish was to become a real dragqueen..
A man who desses up like a woman.
But I was a woman wanting to dress up as a man..who wanted to dress up as a woman.
Like double drag.
So I did that a lot during my teen years. But it came to a point where I started to get confused about it.
Is this enough or should I take it a step further? I was confused in about a year..
and I felt very alone and scared.

But I’ve now found my self. I’ve decided I don’t need to be labeled.
I’m comfortable in my body, just as it is. And I can fall in love with who ever I want to.
A human is just a human. Not male or female, straight or gay. Those are just labels.
I don’t see people as labels, I just see them as humans. I forget about their genders. All the time!

That’s what I wanted to say today! I felt like I wanted to share this little story and my opionon with you’ll!

Kiss Kiss