Hotel Sign

It was fuuun to hang out with Mayka and spin some records, but the weather could of been better since we we’re on a rooftop! But we had a lot of fun anyway! Thank you Mayka and Clarion Hotel!


Wihooo! I’m gonna DJ with Mayka tonite, at Clarion Sign Hotel in the city! So much fun! And Then I’m hooking up with Josefine to go to the Lady Gaga-afterparty see what that bitch is up to!


…tomorrow with Silverkitten!!!
First we’re gonna DJ at Debaser Medis at Maykas club JUMANJI! And then at East, MiJo’s klubb Young & Restless!

MiJo/Mia and Josefine are coming over before it all begins to borrow my Madonna clothes! The ones I sewed back in 2008.. when I had a minor life crisis and wanted to be a fashion designer! It only lasted a couple of monthes.. They are having a Madonna theme tomorrow!!!


My first monday at F12 went very well! Thank you to Mayka & Jojo!
I wonder what Im gonna come up with ’til next week.. hmm.. I may have some ideas..