Jesus Christ

My 2 first days have been very.. special.
I’ve had a lot of miss fortunes. Lost valuable things…fallen flat on my face twice.. in 10 minutes.
Been on wierd interviews, dragged broken 30-pound bags and so on.
But I find it kinda amusing. I hope London starts to treat me a little bit better now. PLZ!
Tonight I’m gonna meet up with Charlene Moscow and catch up and tomorrow I’m going to Cambridge to visit my PR people at Quite Great! : )
Things can only go up now!

1th day in London

Well my first day in London. I’ve been trying to get a brittish number but it has been more complicated then I thought.. I’m not sure if it works yet..

But I’ve tried to feel like home here in this little house, unpack and organized my stuff!
But I’m going on a job interview tomorrow and on thursday I’m visiting Quite Greats office to say hi!
And I’m probably gonna want to go out and party sooon, to see if all the hot men still here and if I can get a gig somewhere soon!

Panic at the airport..

Hahaha! OMG what a morning! It all began with my cheap suitcase that just had to fuck up just when my dad came to pick me up. The zip started a fuss and nearly broke… So we were already running late.
Then this tremendous traffic came our way, and shotly after we heard about an accident on the radio.
We finally arrived to the airport 25 min before departure but everything kept on messing up. So I missed my plane and had to get a new ticket, but luckily I could just rebook my ticket. So now I’m sitting here with my little laptop, at a café.. It’s kinda cosy actually! : ) No worries… I’m just soo happy and exitied right now!

What to do?

I’ve felt very restless today! I wanna be productive and effective.. But I can’t come up with anything to do. Everything is done. So I need to come up with something else. I started to remix my own song, just for fun to see what I could make of it..

The countdown has begun, only 27 days left until I leave. Maybe I should relax a bit, as long as I can. I will probably not have this much free time when I move, so why not just enjoy this..


2012 – End of an era

I’ve been very connected with my spirituality today. I’ve been watching a lot youtube-videos and reading a lot. And one thing that has occurred to me is that 2012 is a year of change. And it is VERY noticeable, just by looking at my inner circle of friends and family…And at my self. I’m moving to London sooon, major change in my life and hopefully in my career to. Maja is moving in with her boyfriend, which is a first time for her. MAJOR! Kitty and Per is having a baby, for the first time. MAJOR! My uncle and his girlfriend are moving to Norway, all of a sudden. MAJOR! People are breaking up, all over the place… (I’m not gonna namedrop).. Geting devorced, moving apart.. etc. So CHANGE is really in the air right now.

2012 is NOT the end of mankind as some may think, It’s the end of an era.  And END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT! The era of the materialistic and ignorance. We’re now entering the era of spirituality. We’re now gonna learn how to prioritize love, relationships, wellbeing, mother earth and spirituality. We’re no longer gonna go to jobs that don’t matter, spend lots of money on useless things cause we feel empty inside. Do things cause we feel pressured by society. We’re gonna learn how to live together on this planet in harmony. With other people and animals. We’re gonna stop killing eachother and eating eachother.

It will be very difficult from now on for all the people who have not yet open their mind. We can’t keep on living like this. The planet is ill, the economy is crashing.. Society is crashing. When will we realise that THIS is not life. THIS is NOT freedom. Everyone is complaining, “It’s the politicians fault”, “It’s our parents fault”, “It’s the rich peoples fault”. Guess what, it’s our fault and that’s why were gonna need to change. Weather you like it or not.

Freedom is not to live your life like others tell you, and like society wants you to. Freedom is not to go to a job you hate for 45 years. Freedom is not to revolve your life around money.

I don’t know how it’s all gonna work out, but I believe that we will receive gudience within our selves.

We’re also gonna learn to use our WHOLE brain. Evolution is just taking it’s toll.

Afternoon tea

Last year in London, with Sara.

My throat feels a bit sore… Good thing I’m meeting up with Sara this afternoon for a afternoon tea.. or coffee..But I think I’ll order a cup of tea. Man this month is gonna fly. Strangers are coming here to buy my furnitures, my apartment is getting emptier and I’m feeling exited and melancholic at the same time.

I love to take on new challanges and throw myself into new things but I’m also a bit sad to leave everything I have here behind.. My family, friends, lovers and the children I babysit every week. My wonderful apartment.. My view, my space. But I think this is the absolut right thing for me to do. Right now. I think that I’m gonna look back on this as one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Feel it in my body

It’s very obvious that my physichal self already’s becoming nervous for my big move!
1 month left, and I’m clumsy as a teenager and burn all the food I try to cook..
Where is my mind?
In London!?

It’s becoming more real now, as I’m selling my whole life..
My sofa is up for sale, my bed and all my old clothes and shoes to..
And Sara, who I’m gonna live with is on her way here.
She’ll arrive tomorrow..

When I meet her and get to talk about it will probably become even more real..

Photoshoot! EP-cover.

Me and Rebecka just finished shooting the cover to my EP that will be released this winter!
UK release! Woohooo!
I think this cover will be AWSOME!

And tomorrow we’re gonna start shooting the video for my newest song “Keep walking alone”.
I love to be creative ; )

In tha studio

I’ve been in the studio ALL DAY LONG! To mix and master my last track on my EP, “I keep walking alone”.
A really ruff techno track, very Laila K and 2 Unlimited. LoVe it!
Me and Fredrik have great ide for the video to, we’re gonna have a meeting on sunday and discuss it further!
This has never been done, and it’s AWSOME!!!! ; )


Coffee and lunch in the sun with Mayka!
Music talk, girl talk and talk talk!

She’s been out on tour all summer so we had a lot to catch ut, we used to hang out a lot before!
So I’ve missed her and our talks!