Photoshoot! EP-cover.

Me and Rebecka just finished shooting the cover to my EP that will be released this winter!
UK release! Woohooo!
I think this cover will be AWSOME!

And tomorrow we’re gonna start shooting the video for my newest song “Keep walking alone”.
I love to be creative ; )

In tha studio

I’ve been in the studio ALL DAY LONG! To mix and master my last track on my EP, “I keep walking alone”.
A really ruff techno track, very Laila K and 2 Unlimited. LoVe it!
Me and Fredrik have great ide for the video to, we’re gonna have a meeting on sunday and discuss it further!
This has never been done, and it’s AWSOME!!!! ; )


This is all I’ve been preparing for the release party!
There’s gonna be 20 Lizette Lizette-bags! Hand sewn and done by me.. They are gonna be worth a fortune in a couple of years! ; )

Queertopia fest!!!

Last night was fab! Really underground in the industry field.. under the bridge!
Lots of kids with buffalos and bindis hi hi! : ) And they all loved my 90′s music!
And I gained some new fans!

Queertopia 2012

I’m proud to be playing at Queertopia this summer! On the preparty and on the festival! 27/6 in Stockholm and 20/7 in Nyköping.

For so many years I’ve been passionate about LGBTQ-issues!
Since I was a tiny teen I’ve been fighting for our rights! For my own and for others!
I see my self as queer and bisexual. But actually I don’t like to be labeled.

I had a year during my teens where I was very confused about my gender.

My biggest wish was to become a real dragqueen..
A man who desses up like a woman.
But I was a woman wanting to dress up as a man..who wanted to dress up as a woman.
Like double drag.
So I did that a lot during my teen years. But it came to a point where I started to get confused about it.
Is this enough or should I take it a step further? I was confused in about a year..
and I felt very alone and scared.

But I’ve now found my self. I’ve decided I don’t need to be labeled.
I’m comfortable in my body, just as it is. And I can fall in love with who ever I want to.
A human is just a human. Not male or female, straight or gay. Those are just labels.
I don’t see people as labels, I just see them as humans. I forget about their genders. All the time!

That’s what I wanted to say today! I felt like I wanted to share this little story and my opionon with you’ll!

Kiss Kiss

Video shoot No. 2

We filmed in a Mikis studio yesterday! Where I’ve taken all me press pictures!
We filmed me, Rufus and Josef with psychedelic projections! It got sooo coool! Better than I had imagine!

Today I can finally rest a little. I no longer have to keep a million things in my head!
But I have to say that I’m very satisfied with this video recording! It was very organized and proffesional, and it’s a lot thanks to Julia Thelin who has taken care of all the fiming and all around it!
Though we are very indie, all of us, this will look very proffesional and amazing!

I really can’t wait to see it!
Thanks all you guys who have been involved!

Live at F12 + Lenny Kravitz

OMG! This weekend has been hysterical.. but a lot of fun!
After the video shoot yesterday I had a live gig at F12 to do!
I was tierd and exhausted but I took my last energy and gave my all to that preformance.
And it was the best in a long time! I love singing for that amount of people…

..and Lenny Kravitz who was standing behind me all the time.
I would of never expected that haha! ..And good thing I didn’t know that until afterwards..
But a lot of joyful events attracts more joyful events.


OMG! This weekend has been crazy!
Gig gigs gigs and video shoot today!

It was sooo much fun and these guys were awsome, fabulous and smokin’ hot! Love you guys! <3
I think this video’s gonna be AMAZING!!! Can’t believe we did it!


NOW: Live gig at F12!


Me and Ambra did a photoshoot with just a 90s camera and her analogue camera..
The locations and stuff were really goood, hope the pixx are as good! :D