Charlene vs. Lizette

Me and Charlene Moscow have been working on a track together since november last year, and we have finally finished it and sent it away to my friend Per Alexander Esbjörnsson (Beating Heart Studios) for mixing and mastering!
We’ve co.produced and written it together, and it’s a mix of Charlenes heavy electro/rock and my catchy rave/pop!
It has turned out to be the perfect combo, and we’re gonna release it before summer I hope!


Wihooo! I’m gonna DJ with Mayka tonite, at Clarion Sign Hotel in the city! So much fun! And Then I’m hooking up with Josefine to go to the Lady Gaga-afterparty see what that bitch is up to!

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes of the release party!
The party was a success!!! Lots of people and everything went soo great!
Thank you all who participated! I had the time of my life!

Queertopia fest!!!

Last night was fab! Really underground in the industry field.. under the bridge!
Lots of kids with buffalos and bindis hi hi! : ) And they all loved my 90’s music!
And I gained some new fans!