Queertopia 2012

I’m proud to be playing at Queertopia this summer! On the preparty and on the festival! 27/6 in Stockholm and 20/7 in Nyk√∂ping.

For so many years I’ve been passionate about LGBTQ-issues!
Since I was a tiny teen I’ve been fighting for our rights! For my own and for others!
I see my self as queer and bisexual. But actually I don’t like to be labeled.

I had a year during my teens where I was very confused about my gender.

My biggest wish was to become a real dragqueen..
A man who desses up like a woman.
But I was a woman wanting to dress up as a man..who wanted to dress up as a woman.
Like double drag.
So I did that a lot during my teen years. But it came to a point where I started to get confused about it.
Is this enough or should I take it a step further? I was confused in about a year..
and I felt very alone and scared.

But I’ve now found my self. I’ve decided I don’t need to be labeled.
I’m comfortable in my body, just as it is. And I can fall in love with who ever I want to.
A human is just a human. Not male or female, straight or gay. Those are just labels.
I don’t see people as labels, I just see them as humans. I forget about their genders. All the time!

That’s what I wanted to say today! I felt like I wanted to share this little story and my opionon with you’ll!

Kiss Kiss