I think I sneaked in at my gym today.. I only have the right to be there during the weekdays.. and today it’s a “sunday” day.. yeah yeah yeah…
But I never notice that kind of stuff.. he he.
Anyway! It was very nice to work out today! I want some abs before I go to London!
So I can wear my belly-shirt.
After working out I’ve just been in my little studio producing some new stuff..playin around.
My bro’s coming here soon to rehears for next weeks gig, at Skyddsrummet!
And then we’re celebrating JoJo-licious b-day at East!



…. BUT..
If it had’nt been for her draging me around we had’nt seen when GLASVEGAS did a gig on the middle of Götgatan.
We talked a little with their swedish drummer and she said that this gig was for all the fans who didn’t get any ticket to their show tonight! At Fotografiska. They had sold out really fast.

We listen to the last song, took some pix and left starstrucked!
hi hi hi…


Feels like the deep breath before the plunge right now.
Everything is moving, slowly… but in the right direction.
Nothing special to do right now, but the balls are in the air.

This spring & summer is gonna be hectic! Gigs..(DJ & live), releases.. secret plans and so on.
Im not comfortable doing nothing, so I feel a little confused he he..
But I think I need to relax and enjoy this silence while it lasts.. cause soon I will be busy busy busy!
So what Im gonna do now is make some tea and take it easy, just be a little lazy! Mi hi..


Gooood morning!!! I feel energic and positive today!!!
Im drinking my huge cup of coffee and watching some morning tv! Today with a spiritual theme! Interesting!

I’ve been very happy lately, since the beginning of 2012. I think it’s because I knooow that im very very soon gonna be standing on stage agian! Sorry if I keep on bringing that up but Im just sooo exited. Cause thats my favorite thing in the whole wide world. Where I feel complete! And it has been such a long time ago..

And Im really craving to go and visite my fortune teller again..
Im soo curious of my 2012. I have a strong feeling that a lot is gonna happen and that Im gonna have a really good year. But It would be nice to have it confirmed by her. She’s soo good and I really trust this one.


Time to clean my nostrils and gargle my throat with saltwater!
Out with all the dust and play and sing along to my recorded vocal lessions! :D
Cause today Im having my first rehearsal for my upcoming livegigs!