Charlene vs. Lizette

Me and Charlene Moscow have been working on a track together since november last year, and we have finally finished it and sent it away to my friend Per Alexander Esbjörnsson (Beating Heart Studios) for mixing and mastering!
We’ve co.produced and written it together, and it’s a mix of Charlenes heavy electro/rock and my catchy rave/pop!
It has turned out to be the perfect combo, and we’re gonna release it before summer I hope!

Crazy gig at Sommar!

The gig yesterday was crazy! And I got to play a lot of 90’s hits yesterday to..
I managed to steel them over from the R&B floor, so I got to play the rest of the evening hi hi..
Everybody just loves AQUA!

Video shoot No. 2

We filmed in a Mikis studio yesterday! Where I’ve taken all me press pictures!
We filmed me, Rufus and Josef with psychedelic projections! It got sooo coool! Better than I had imagine!

Today I can finally rest a little. I no longer have to keep a million things in my head!
But I have to say that I’m very satisfied with this video recording! It was very organized and proffesional, and it’s a lot thanks to Julia Thelin who has taken care of all the fiming and all around it!
Though we are very indie, all of us, this will look very proffesional and amazing!

I really can’t wait to see it!
Thanks all you guys who have been involved!

Live at F12 + Lenny Kravitz

OMG! This weekend has been hysterical.. but a lot of fun!
After the video shoot yesterday I had a live gig at F12 to do!
I was tierd and exhausted but I took my last energy and gave my all to that preformance.
And it was the best in a long time! I love singing for that amount of people…

..and Lenny Kravitz who was standing behind me all the time.
I would of never expected that haha! ..And good thing I didn’t know that until afterwards..
But a lot of joyful events attracts more joyful events.


OMG! This weekend has been crazy!
Gig gigs gigs and video shoot today!

It was sooo much fun and these guys were awsome, fabulous and smokin’ hot! Love you guys! <3
I think this video’s gonna be AMAZING!!! Can’t believe we did it!


NOW: Live gig at F12!