This is all I’ve been preparing for the release party!
There’s gonna be 20 Lizette Lizette-bags! Hand sewn and done by me.. They are gonna be worth a fortune in a couple of years! ; )

Live at F12 + Lenny Kravitz

OMG! This weekend has been hysterical.. but a lot of fun!
After the video shoot yesterday I had a live gig at F12 to do!
I was tierd and exhausted but I took my last energy and gave my all to that preformance.
And it was the best in a long time! I love singing for that amount of people…

..and Lenny Kravitz who was standing behind me all the time.
I would of never expected that haha! ..And good thing I didn’t know that until afterwards..
But a lot of joyful events attracts more joyful events.


…. BUT..
If it had’nt been for her draging me around we had’nt seen when GLASVEGAS did a gig on the middle of Götgatan.
We talked a little with their swedish drummer and she said that this gig was for all the fans who didn’t get any ticket to their show tonight! At Fotografiska. They had sold out really fast.

We listen to the last song, took some pix and left starstrucked!
hi hi hi…